Rensselaer County Fire Chiefs Association

September  2017 Treasurer's Report

September 2017 Meeting Minutes

Rensselaer County Fire Chiefs’ Association

September Meeting

Date: 9/18/17                 Location: Schodack Valley FD

Called to order by President Canestro at 1930, with a salute to the flag, and a moment of silence for our departed members. The fire exits were noted.

Officer’s roll call/attendance:  Officers in attendance at this meeting: 10; President Mike Canestro, 2nd VC Matt Carner, Treasurer Steve Kelly, Secretary Lynn Kane, Sgt. At Arms Bill Gummer,  Board of Directors:  Jay Wilson, Will Sheehan, Ivan Wager, Tom Mero. Robert Sheehan 

Roll call of departments present: Eight (8) depts. represented.

Reading of minutes: Motion to accept May’s meeting minutes by Ivan Wager, seconded by Tom Mero, motion carried.

Reading of proposed membership applications: None.

Communications & Bills:  USPS Mail box rental for 1 year for $90 – motion made by Joe Becker, seconded by Bill Gummer, all approved. HVVFA Past President Jeff Bergstrom being honored at the HVVFA Past Presidents’ Dinner on January 18, 2018.

Treasurer’s report:  (see printed copy) Motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report by Joe Becker, seconded Jay Wilson; motion carried.  


Fire Coordinator: Ivan Wager – Any Department wanting Fire Training, please contact Harold McEwen.  The Investigator’s Unit is in service, K9 Inferno recently recertified, will probably be last recertification as is getting older and having leg pain. Local insurance agency, Rose & Kiernan, will perhaps sponsor a new dog in the Spring, more info to follow.  Four (4) Investigators will attend workshop in November.  Most of the foam has been collected, possible exception is at the Port of Rensselaer.  If still in need of pick, contact Roger Scofield, who is now back in office and catching up.  Will have Kelly Paslow discuss the upcoming Memorial Service.  Repairs to the ceiling in the “burn room” will commence next Monday.  The Fallen Firefighters’ Memorial service at the Egg will be October 10th at 11 am at the Egg.  The number of fallen firefighters has increased significantly this year to 284.  All are welcomed to attend.


Bureau: Kelly Paslow – Minitors are here, new firmware to be fixed, should be 2-3 weeks know when whole system is up and running.  Radio training is ongoing, 95% of training completed.  13 Stations left for Wells to perform work, everyone else is done.  Memorial Service scheduled for Sunday, October 1st at 3 pm sharp, at the Bulmer center, HVCC. From Memorial Day 2016 to Memorial Day 2017, there have been 75 names added to list to be memorialized.  (Ivan requests that Departments specifically invite the fallens’ families, it means a great deal for them.)

EMS Coord. – Amy Manchester – is prepped for the Memorial Service and is ready for the new radio system. 

Fire Advisory Board – No report..

Committee reportsAdmissions:   No report By-Laws: No report    Public Relations:  No report

Legislative: Bill Eck – Cancer bill is waiting for Governor’s signature, please go to the FASNY website and with a few clicks, show your support for this important legislation. HVVFA Legislative Caucus will meet on 9/24 @ 10 am at Fireman’s Home, lunch to follow.  FASNY workshop on 11/4-11/5.  No word yet if Lemon Law will be modified to include EMS apparatus.

Committee reportsEducation: No report     Ways & Mean: No report        Hospitality: No report

Web Page: Lynn Kane – met/worked with Tim Boel to transfer Administrator on website.  All 2017 meeting minutes are now posted, training schedule is current from Glen Meyers, etc,

HVVFA & HMVFA: Bill Eck – Next meeting is 10/19/17.  On September 10th, attended East Greenbush Picnic, where 50 yr. member Dennis Kennedy was honored.

FASNY:  Jay Wilson – FASNY to  host “boot camp” for firefighters, has trailer traveling around the State, 6 locations.  If all goes well, there may be additional trailers purchased.  On 10/4, trailer will be in Albany County.  Cancer bill – REALLY need your support, need letters, Jay just turned in 250+ letters but needs more, big PR campaign, more press conferences.

Old business:  RCFCA Day at Fireman’s Home on July 9th had 49 workers and final cost was $1082.51.  Motion by Bill Eck to pay Wally and Bill O. $100 for their equipment and materials, seconded by Fred Pettigill, all approved.  Bill also requested a letter of appreciation to sent to the Red Knights. Dave Jordan brought up the upcoming 75th anniversary of the RCFCA, celebration of some sort – picnic, dinner, etc.??  No ideas put forth.  Bill Eck elected to FASNY Trustees for 5 yrs., is not our rep but will assist. \

New Business:  Nominations for 2018 Officers:

President         Matt Carner – Motion by Bill Eck, 2nd Tom Mero

1st VP              Gary Roberts – Motion by Steve Kelly, 2nd by Tom Mero

2nd VP             William Maloney – Motion by Matt Carner, 2nd by Jay Wilson

Secretary         Lynn Kane – Motion by Matt Carner, 2nd by Jay Wilson

Treasurer – Steve Kelly – Motion by Joe Becker, 2nd by Matt Carner

Board of Directors – Jay Wilson – Motion by Will Sheehan, 2nd by Tom Mero

-          Ivan Wager – Motion by Steve Kelly, 2nd by Jay Wilson

Election at November meeting, Monday, November 20th.

Jay Wilson – Need to transfer title of RCFCA trailer to the County so as to be covered with insurance.  Some discussion. Motion by Jay Wilson, seconded by Tom Mero for the Officers and/or Board of Directors to sign over title of trailer.  All approved.

Introduction of Host Chief:   Schodack Valley Chief, Brian Cassidy, welcomed all, pizzas would be ready shortly and would be happy to give anyone the nickel tour for 3 cents!!

Good of the Order:  Meet the Candidate night was a success, with some in attendance suggesting another session before the general election in November.  Tim Boel did a great job as moderator. Total 50/50 of $34 collected, $17 won by Amy Manchester.

Next meeting is at Poestenkill FD, November 20th.  Motion to adjourn at 8:20 pm by Tom Mero, seconded by Will Sheehan. 

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn E. Kane, Secretary